!!Teaser Alert!!! Writing Chapter 9 of Julian: The Rise of The Prophecy Here is an Excerpt:

“I am in a dark eerie place, where I can only see dark mossy trees and a mist floating around slowly, as if it is hypnotising the trees into a deep slumber.  Or is the mist masking something horrific? Curious I edge forward to the darkest part of the forest that seems hidden. Upon closer inspection I see humans hiding.  They are terrified of something. What is terrifying them?  I step closer to see what they are looking at as they cower beneath their cave.  Through the mist I can barely make out a Sofayan and he is lifting human after human and consuming their spirit one after another like they mean nothing and he is throwing their lifeless bodies around like they are rag dolls. My heart starts to race seeing this gross act. I feel anger at this atrocity and race towards the Sofayan to put a stop to it. I turn the Sofayan around whilst he is mid-feed and to my horror I see a reflection of myself. I recognise him, I know him very well, and I know the thirst that he feels for human life.  Is this the dark part of me?”

All rights reserved by Author L. Sengul


About lsengul

I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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