Miley Cyrus’s raunchy performance at the VMA’s

As a parent of beautiful daughters, I’m disheartened when I see that their role models will be the like of someone like Miley Cyrus…Yes she is beautiful talented actor, but did she really have to take her clothes off and dance around in a sexually suggestive manner just to sell more albums? Really? Isn’t there a name for that kind of thing? Only I thought celebrities such as Miley were above all of this?

Why do they feel they have to behave in such a way? What ever happened to appreciating sexuality displayed in subtle ways? Now it seems to be all about S&M being blatantly displayed and aired on a TV show that is supposed to be family friendly.  I mean there is no way that I would allow my 14 year old child to watch that performance.  Sure she has pulled in attention, but anyone who gets on stage and dances about in such a fashion would get that kind of attention, even me, that is not talent…the challenge is to get the same kind of attention when you are clothed and by your singing alone. I feel for Miley, once everyone becomes accustomed to her new look, nothing will keep her fan base from looking elsewhere.


About lsengul

I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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