Interviewing Character’s from The Danfians Prophecy

I thought that it may be interesting to explore my characters from the Danfians prophecy further, by interviewing them outside of being in the story.  Please feel free to participate and ask questions through the comments box, if you like.

  • Chloe, how did you feel when your destiny was revealed to you?

It was the worst news that I could hear, especially since the revelation I lost my Mother, Gina and my Brother, Oliver. My life literally in the space of ten minutes turned upside down. From being an investigative journalist in world affairs to becoming a fugitive is life altering.  But, now I can barely remember the life that I lived before…it’s like the journalist Chloe is someone else, not me.

  • At what point did you, Chloe, realise that your feelings for Alexander were stronger than your cause?

I think that once we had escaped, I realised that I was unable to operate without his presence and I found myself second guessing my own escape plan.  I didn’t feel whole or complete without him.

  • Alexander why did you resist the feelings you had for Chloe?

How could I allow myself to forget Elizabeth? It was not easy letting her go…I felt loyal to Elizabeth’s memory.

  • William, why did you side with Alexander rather than Orlagh.

That’s easy, Orlagh was a pain to be around, I only put up with her because of Michael and with Michael gone, I had no reason to continue my ally with her.

  • Sheena, Why did you join Alexander? Considering that Orlagh was your best of friend.

It’s true we were best of friends, but what happened was an accident, Orlagh should have joined us…(she sighs). Plus seeing Alexander fall in love reminded me of a human life that I once led and I knew that I had to do the right thing.

  • Stan, tell us how you felt upon learning that Chloe was in love with a Sofayan Bounty hunter?

As a father I was utterly heartbroken. She chose to fall in love with the enemy. But I had to reason with myself that Chloe was part Sofayan, she would naturally take a liking to their kind and well Alexander is the best among his kind, in fact the best among any kind.  I could see that he loves her dearly and would do anything for her. If I didn’t support her either I would have lost her or she would have been very unhappy, and after losing Gina and Oliver neither were options that I could live with.

  • Charlie, tell us why you felt the need to build bunkers all over the country?

Ha, (he chuckles) I knew that war would break out eventually and I’m a practical man so I prepared for the war, whether it happened in my lifetime or our children’s I wanted Danfians and humans to have a sanctuary and find a way to survive it.  Once mass people disappearances started happening and regime changes, I had an inkling that Ivan was trying to gain control, so I stepped up my preparations further.  This has been my foresight since I was twenty years old. I shudder to think where we would have been without my taking action.

  • Alexander, at what moment did you realise that your love for Elizabeth and Chloe differed.

There was a moment, whilst I was still struggling to deal with the reality of my feelings for Chloe, where I closed my eyes to bring Elizabeth’s face to mind. However instead of Elizabeth I saw Chloe, her vulnerability, her feisty nature, her confidence, her fear and all of the things that I found endearing in her. And the fact that every time I saw her from a distance or could smell her scent my heart would feel as if it was coming back to life…Also with Chloe, I felt an overwhelming desire to be with her in an intimate way, it was very overpowering, something I felt unable to control, whereas with Elizabeth I desired her, but it was within control.  Chloe just seemed to mesmerise me, I think the precise moment must have been when I first captured her, but I was clearly in denial.

  • Sheena, you are very mischievous in nature, why do you like to cause conflicts?

(She smiles),  Boredom, loneliness, entertainment you name it.  Living for eternity sucks at the best of times, I have to find some amusement whenever I can.

  • Aaron, It becomes clear fairly early on that you have a crush on Chloe, how did you feel about her choosing to be with ‘the enemy’.

(He ponders for a moment) I think it hurt my ego more than it actually hurt me. You see I come from a pure line of Danfians and I saw a potential suitor in Chloe, more than actually falling in love with her, if that makes sense. Although I have a lot of respect for Chloe, it wasn’t my heart that broke.

  • Orlagh, why did you choose to abandon Alexander, Sheena and William?

I didn’t choose to abandon anyone, they turned against me the moment they took Michael’s life! Would you stick with anyone if they had killed your life partner? (She asks bitterly)

  • Surely, you can see that Michael’s death was an accident?

No it was not! I’m not answering your questions anymore (she walks off).

  • Rebecca, So you and William?

(She laughs shyly) I guess love chooses you rather than it. I knew that once Chloe and Alexander’s relationship was accepted that nobody would contest to another Danfian & Sofayan relationship.

  • Ivan, (the Great Sofayan Leader) so what is next for you?

This is just a minor setback, (he pauses thoughtfully before continuing). I have waited for a long time I can wait another twenty years. (His cold blue eyes show that he is determined to achieve his goal, scary!)


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I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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