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Have any authors had any dealings with John Weaver from The Literary Insider or the Page one lit? He offered to showcase my book The Danfians Prophecy at the BEA and I haven’t heard anything back from him since paying him $50 for the space. I have even sent him a pdf copy of my book which I’ll admit was incredibly naive of me.  Now i’m extremely frustrated by the lack of response from this guy! He is even ignoring my emails and he will not show me proof that my book has been showcased at the BEA.  Just needed to let of steam!!! Please if anyone has had any dealings with John Weaver get in touch!


About lsengul

I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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  1. normaaroy says:

    Oh heck, I hope its not a scam! I’ve not heard of them. Did you send payment through Paypal? You can get it back if you did. I really hope this isn’t a scam and the person is just busy. Best of luck x

    • lsengul says:

      Thank you normaaroy, I really hope John has been busy otherwise I have to kick myself for falling for this scam. Just the fact that I haven’t even heard from him is really unprofessional. x

  2. Leo Averbach says:

    Sometime last year I submitted details of my book to John Weaver (Page One Lit) to be included in his publication/catalogue “Books into Movies.” A short while later I sent him $100 via Paypal, the cost of my page in the catalogue. The catalogue was due out late 2012. In March he wrote to say: “Was down with the flu – Catalog is at printer doing a 25,000 run — I’ll email your page to look at as soon as I finish a speaking engagement today.” I have not heard from his since and have not had a reply to a number of e-mails I have written to him. And I have not seen any catalogue.
    Don’t know what to think. Is he not well? Is it a scam?
    Leo Averbach

    • lsengul says:

      I’m not sure either, I’ve heard nothing even now. I’ve tried going on to his website etc…that does not seem like it has been updated in a while. My only thought is now to think that perhaps that it is a scam after all. Are you from the USA? Is there an authority out there that we could perhaps report him too?

      • Leo Averbach says:

        No. I am not in the USA. The Page One Facebook page has an entry for June 5th.
        I am trying to trace John by other means. Will be in touch.

      • lsengul says:

        Thank you. I will do the same so perhaps between us we can locate him. Good luck!

      • lsengul says:

        Hi Leo, I have traced John as a result of a misunderstanding and a gesture of goodwillo n his behalf he has refunded $50. I got in touch with him through linkedin and through email. After a fewdays I will be deleting this post. Thanks.

      • Leo Averbach says:

        Well done. Perhaps he’ll refund my $100 as well. Please send me the email address you used to contact him because the ones I have used have not been responed to. Thanks.

  3. lsengul says:

    An update Of John Weaver so far, He has opened a new business and has recently been active on LinkedIn where I have publicly demanded an answer as he still hasn’t replied to any of my emails.

  4. I’ve also hired John Weaver as a publicist to get my second novel off the ground, but I’ve heard absolutely nothing from him except that he received my check. Since then…nothing. No returned calls or email. His sites were rated #1 in 2011, which prompted me to seek his help in promoting my novel, but I don’t understand this behavior at all. Kelvin L. Singleton.

    • lsengul says:

      I eventually reached John after i threatend to disclose him on social media. He did refund my money after a few months. He didn’t do anything for me at all. I hope you are able to get back your investment Kevin.

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