Donna Hawks Book Tour of Where Darkness Walks


Where Darkness Walks by Donna Hawk

There are so many dark and unsettling elements to this book as the characters travel through the dark realm of Mortgatha. Here is an excerpt from it:

Patrick eased himself out of the tree, taking care to keep his hands out in the open. He didn’t want to give these angry men any reason to use him as a pincushion. As soon as he hit the ground, the nearest of the men buried the tips of their spears in his chest and ribs, drawing small beads of blood to the surface. The others turned away quickly, then returned again bringing ropes and a large white horse.

With brows lowered dangerously, Patrick allowed the dark horde to tie his hands to the back of a large felt saddle cloth. Mounting their own horses, they returned to the road, leading Patrick’s horse. When he was yanked into motion, he was stunned to realize they had no intention of letting him ride. There, tied to a horse’s rump, he trudged along in hopeless anger and clouds of dust kicked up by the horses.

A highwayman was a thief who preyed on travelers. This type of outlaw usually traveled and robbed by horse. Mounted robbers were widely considered to be socially superior to footpads, or those who robbed on foot. Such robbers operated in Great Britain and Ireland from the Elizabethan era until the early 19th century.


The word highwayman was first used in the year 1617; other euphemisms included “knights of the road” and “gentlemen of the road.” In the 19th-century American West, highwaymen were known as road agents. In the same time period in Australia, they were known as bushrangers.~ Wikipedia

In this part of my story, soldiers of the dark realm accost Patrick. In essence, they are highwaymen who leave terror in their wake.



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I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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