A Busy Day of A Housewife

I never realised, just how busy life would become, being at home and trying to keep the house running as well as looking after the twins. My day started like this today:

  • 6:45  wake up
  • 7:00 get one twin dressed 
  • 7:15 get the other twin dressed
  • 7:45 get the twins breakfast ready
  • 7:50 am back up stairs get myself dressed.
  • 8:10am back downstairs whilst eating my breakfast, get hubby’s breakfast ready
  • 8:50 out of the door to drop the girls of to nursery
  • 9:10 drive to the nearest launderette to wash my king size duvet
  • 9:20 drive back home, tidy up the bedrooms, living room, stick the wash out from the day before.
  • 9:45 drive back to the launderette to pick up my duvet.
  • 9:50 back at home hang the duvet in the garden.
  • 10 :00 Manage to read my edits to chapter 19 of The Danfians Prophecy made from the previous night
  • 11:15 have my first coffee of the day

And the rest of the day is pretty much jammed packed too. I don’t think I worked this hard before, people really don’t appreciate how much time and effort goes into keeping a home and raising a family – I know I was guilty of of it.  I’m truly grateful to my mother for the hard work she put in to us – Love you always!

I hope tomorrow is more relaxed so that I can focus on my final chapter of Danfians Prophecy…i’m really keen to get it finished and out there for others to read!!


About lsengul

I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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3 Responses to A Busy Day of A Housewife

  1. I was exhausted by the time I read “7:50 am back up stairs get myself dressed.” LOL
    I do hope you get a break once in a while. 😀

  2. lsengul says:

    LOL Patricia…I can honestly say that not everyday is the same, but some days it’s just non-stop. It’s worse when my mind is preoccupied with wanting to edit my novel!

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