Frustrations and doubts as a writer – My Journey so far.

Yet another rejection.  Although I tell myself not to expect anything, the heart still hopes secretly and then follows the disappointment.  The rejection itself isn’t so bad, it’s not knowing why. I didn’t bank on the ‘not knowing’ emotion being so powerful, that doubts start to settle.  You start telling yourself, perhaps it’s time to give up, maybe writing isn’t your thing. 

But I’ve invested 2 years of my time into this novel, can I really walk away?  These questions consume my mind, adding to frustrations already felt and just when I think I’m about to stop and give up.  I remember the positive feedback I received from a focus group I held a few months ago.  The readers read the first 4 chapters and they wanted to read more to see how the book pans out.  The readers were able to relate to the characters and I received an average score of 8/10.  So, readers are interested, I tell myself.  But I’m still left wondering why my novel is rejected, I would really like to know.  To give myself more confidence with my writing I have decided to invest in an editor to critique my work and once done.  I shall unleash it to the public on Amazon UK.  I cross my fingers, hope and prayer that this route will work.


About lsengul

I am a stay at home mum to a set of twin girls and a lovely little boy. I am currently looking to promote my first romance, sci-fi/fantasy novel The Danfians Prophecy and my short story The Chronicles of Natasha Khan. I am also working on the sequel to The Danfians Prophecy.
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